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What do we offer?

Hex Agency is a complete advertising and marketing company, able to offer several kinds of services for spreading the brand, since planning to production, printed or digital. That is how we can support any need your company may have!

service 1


Media study , sales , communication planning and strategy.

service 2


Advertisement creation, external and internal media, graphic material, paper presentation, packages, and more.

service 3

Digital Marketing

Websites, social media, e-mail marketing, e-commerce, search engine optimization.(SEO).

Check out our work

During all these years of experience, we carried out lots of projects, but we selected a few to show a little of what we can offer. Enjoy!

project 1

Mesamê Courses

MediaOutdoor Media | Poster | Flyer | Certificate | Newsletter

Campaign realized to present Mesamê company – makeup technical courses in Campinas city. The project was a great success, taking the company’s name to other cities in the region.

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project 2

Bonjardim Campaign

MediaOutdoor | Folheto | Banner | Jogo de Mesa

Campagin realized for the restaraunt group Bonjardim, focused in Jundiaí city. Competition Campaign.

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project 3

Awarded Sentence

MediaOutdoor Media | Banner | Poster | Flyer | Hotsite | Banner Digital

Cultural contest for Frutiquellocompany, focused in sales, Concurso Cultural realizado para a empresa Frutiquello, com foco em vendas, cujo objetivo era levarum grande número de pessoas para conhecer a empresa. A cada compra, o cliente recebia um cupom para participar da promoção

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project 4

Full Branding

ClientCiência em Show
MediaComplete brand manual | Website |
Social Media

The famous group Ciência em Show needed a more shocking identity, representing the bond of the 3 scientists. A complete manual and identity was created for the company.

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project 5

Full Branding

MediaComplete brand manual | Website | Social Media

A new identity for Digiholme Automation was created, because the company needed a brand that present all it’s quickness and technology that they offer on their services.

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project 6

Full Branding

ClientHönigmann Sociedade de Advogados
MediaLogo Media | Business Card | Envelope | Leterhead | Name Tags | Commercial Portfolio

Identity creation for Hönigmann Lawyer Society, with a serious logo that represent the company’s reputation, built with years of servisse in Jundiaí city.

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project 7


ClientsMoinho São Paulo | Bombuéllo

Logo creation, and design for packages printing

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project 8

Easter Bombuéllo

ClientBombuéllo Chocolates Finos

Logo creation, and design for easter eggs and chocolate bars.

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project 9

Bombuéllo Gifts

ClientBombuéllo Chocolates Finos

Logo creation, and design for company exclusive products Bombuéllo.

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project 10


ClientVicenzo | Demarchi | AAPJR
MediaBook Cover | Instruction Manual

Cover development and content diagramming

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project 12


ClientAAPJR | Datacompany | Assembleia de Deus
MediaBook Cover Media | Handout

Book cover and handout creation with quickness and agility on the delivery of each and every one of them.

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project 13


ClientEditora Rejon
MediaBook Cover Media | Diagramming | Review | Text Correction

Book cover creation for Rejon Publishing, aswell as content diagramming, text correction and review.

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project 14


ClientGrupo SOS Decor
ServicesWebsite | Database

Website creation, with database editable platform, responsive and with full control for alterations by the client.

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project 15

HTML5 + Virtual Store

ClientCiência em Show
ServicesWebsite | Virtual Store

Website creation for Ciência em Show group, HTML5 developed, totally responsive, besides an exclusive field for product sales.

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project 16


ServicesWebsite | Correction | Review

Website developed in HTML5, totally responsive in both portuguese and english.

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project 17


ClientViotto Marmoria
Year2016 - Actual
ServicesLogo | Website | | Adwords | Analytics | Text Correction | Review

Logo creation and HTML5 website, with Google Analytics, Google Adwords and Google Search management and follow up.

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project 18

HTML5 + MySQL + Follow up

ClientShow Ball Sports
Year2010 - Actual
ServicesWebsite | Weekly update | Photography | Design | Newsletter

Website development and weekly update about tournaments, photography services, medal designs and newsletter.

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project 19


Year2016 - Actual
ServicesLogo | Website | Adwords | Analytics | Text Correction | Review

Logo creation and HTML5 website, with Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Search management and follow up.

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project 20


Year2012 - Actual

Daily creation and full page management, with message reply, ads and comments.

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project 21


Year2014 - Actual

Daily creation and full page management, with message reply, ads and comments.

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project 22


ClientCantina Jundiaiense
Year2013 - Actual

Daily creation, products Picture and vídeos.

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project 23


ClientCabana Grill
Year2017 - Actual

Daily creation and full page management, with message reply, ads and comments.

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project 24


ClientYázigi jundiaí
Year2014 - Actual

Daily creation and full page management, with message reply, ads and comments.

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project 25


ClientInfinity Transporte de Água Potável
Year2015 - Actual

Creation and full page management, with message reply, ads and comments.

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Institutional Videol

ClientAgência Hex
ServicesAnimation | Script

Check out Hex Agency’s institutional video!

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Be part of your dream

ClientArtCores Tintas
ServicesTV Tem

Script development for advertising video, with client partnership.

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MAXImum for you

ClientMaxi Shopping Jundiaí
ServicesChannel Media | TVE Channel | Channel 25

Script and slogan creation for Maxi Shopping Jundiaí. Developed for Jundiaí’s Movie Festival, with final award for Hex Agency.

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Parmegiana’s Festival

ClientCantina Jundiaiense
MediaFacebook | Youtube

Parmegiana’s Festival institutional vídeo, for Cantina Jundiaense restaurant. Filming and editting done by Hex Agency.

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Mother’s day

ClientPaineiras Shopping

Spot developed for Paineiras Shopping’s Mother’s Day. Script and editing done by Hex Agency, contest participation.

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Client Astracril Personnalité

Advertising Spot developed for Astra, focused on the bathtub segment. Script and editing done by Hex Agency, for participation in competition.

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About us

With nine years of history, and headquarters in Jundiaí – SP, Hex Agency offers several advertising and marketing services for companies all over the State, building enough know-how to supply any demand.With technology, through web we can serve customers anywhere in the world, in a quick and practical way, with the same efficiency and quality! No matter where you are, come and be a Hex customer too, and find all the benefits of an agency with market experience.

Know our team

The good relation between our professionals at Hex is what makes our work so productive. We count with a highly qualified and creative team, ready to develop any project with efficiency, always with the customer in mind.

team 1

Renato Viotto


Graduated in Advertisement and Marketing, he's the solution for any company who needs creativity and great ideas.

team 1

Isabella Mello


Graduated in Languages and a perfectionist, she's the one who puts everything in order in Hex and is always ready to help on everything your company needs!


team 1

Lucas Benatti


Graduated in Design, he's our right arm when we talk about creativity, online or even offline.

team 1

Gabriel Mello


With many travels and amazing photos, Gabriel Mello has the most creative eye for beautiful photos.


team 1

Ray Carneiro


With an MBA em Architecture and Programming, he's the right man to any programming job.


Why Hex?

Hex is from “hexagon”, a mathematical form considered perfect for its regularity, which has a geometry view in nature’s complex systems (bee hives, pure water molecule, turtle shell, among others). This was the element that inspire the famous mathematician Jon Nash (that had a biography on the movie “A Beautiful Mind”) to develop a board game called “Hex” – a perfect game that can never be a draw. And what does that have to do with advertising? In our agency, we believe that a company’s communication has to be perfect to be precise, and so well planned as a board game strategy. That is how your brand will be everywhere!


  • Creativity

  • Speed

  • Initiative

  • Coffee

  • Spells

Join the League!

Being a professional capable to save the client of any problem is not for anyone, but we are ready to share our knowledge.

We want to see a world with satisfied customers! Join us!

To send a resume, just send an e-mail to: atendimento@agenciahex.com or, if you have a mail manager, just click below.


What do our clients say?

Read real comments of who knows and uses our services and find out what is their opinion on Hex Agency.

"Hex Agency delivers more than a job well done. Delivers a cool personal relationship, delivers confidence, creativity and a complete immersion on the job. Ciência em Show is very satisfied with the agency. Thank you Hex, and success always."

client 1 DanielGrupo Ciência em Show

"My company had a yaw and got new clients after a job well done by Hex’s team. They are well qualified professionals, new blood guys on the market, that deserve all my respect as an older businessman like me! I recommend."

client 2 Maike Nível-Certo Mármores e Granitos

"I love Hex Agency!All employees are great! Considerate, creative, punctual and competent.
We are more than clients, we became great friends.
I recommend, and a lot. "

client 3 Adriana Yázigi Jundiaí

"A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions."
(Oliver Wendell Holmes)


See some of the companies that believe on our work!

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Get in contact with Hex, and we will help you in any need!:)

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Address: Rua Pedro Bulisani, nº 27 - Jardim das Samambaias

City: Jundiaí - São Paulo, Brazil CEP: 13211-691

Email: atendimento@agenciahex.com

Phone: +55 11 2434 4339

WhatsApp: +55 11 9 4378 6924

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